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Anmaraté is a national pharmaceutical company based in the Garden Route, who appointed Colin Stephenson as brand guardian and advertising agency since December 2006.

Our relationship with the management and marketing team at Anmaraté has grown from strength to strength. Colin Stephenson has taken the time to research and understand in detail the products and the target audience that Anmaraté is focusing its business on. This understanding has provided a good basis on which to develop their branding and corporate marketing material.

A big part of our initial role as branding agency on these projects was to redesign the Anmaraté brand in line with their evolved ideas and new corporate identity, as well as packaging design for several of their products. The first Product image that we completely revitalized was Coloprep. The brief was to produce a colourful, strong visual effect which was both modern and cutting edge while still being inviting to the client and professionals.

Then to launch the new look Coloprep packaging and Anmaraté brand, Colin Stephenson developed a print advertising campaign that would really catch the medical professionals attention. Additional printed educational instructions have been designed with illustrated graphic timelines to overcome patient illiteracy and make the product more user friendly.

Colin Stephenson was appointed the website design project manager to design and develop a new website that would bring the Anmaraté brand to life online. The website includes product information, features and industry news. Our on-going relationship with Anmaraté enabled Colin Stephenson to refine marketing concepts and develop new design ideas for advertising and marketing material. This process evolves as they grow and change their business in the Garden Route and Nationally in South Africa.


Client Feedback
“We here at ANMARATÉ are very satisfied with the excellent quality of graphic design work and website design work provided for us by

Colin Stephenson and his team offers a complete package of expertise in the field of branding, advertising and website design and development. Our requirements range from website design and implementation, photography and corporate identity to all aspects of the design work of our national advertising campaigns – including a variety of printed marketing materials.

Not only does Colin Stephenson deliver excellent designs but also liaises with the pertinent industry partners to help assure the successful execution of each design project. It has been a joy to work together with Colin Stephenson, and collaborate on design ideas and receive knowledgeable advice & input in each field. Their service is friendly, prompt and professional. To date all graphic design and website projects have met our requirements and have been delivered on time. This has enabled ANMARATÉ to have both a business relationship of trust with and an expectation of excellence from Colin Stephenson
.” ~ Pierre Maritz, Director, ANMARATÉ South Africa

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