Eagle Roof Tiles has worked with Colin Stephenson for over 15 years, the new website design ensured that the website is responsive, mobile-friendly and reflects a strong brand for the evolving company.
With experience providing website design for Woolworths and Caesarstone Colin Stephenson is an expert in website design and digital design. Our responsive websites are designed to give users optimal viewing experience, adapting to any platform, screen size and orientation.
All our websites are built according to these standards ensuring your website’s features and navigation are user-friendly.

An ecommerce platform is essential in the retail industry. Colin Stephenson design can assist you in setting up an online store that is functional and secure. For e-commerce, we focus on driving sales, that is why we work hard to develop a user-friendly experience and an easy-to-use platform for the retailer. Website Design George Garden Route

When developing a website for our clients, we make sure to delve deeper into the aesthetics of a website. Although we celebrate a beautifully crafted and designed website, our dedicated team at Custom Web Design George, Western Cape understand the importance of considering the whole package: user experience, navigation, SEO, on-site content and even social media and email marketing campaigns for your business. We’ll ensure that your website is responsive, mobile-friendly, and we’ll help create and support a strong brand for your company.

We offer full suite design services to our clients in Knysna, George throughout the Garden Route and Cape Town including: website design and digital design brochures, print design, DTP ( Desktop Publishing ) and photography. For all your website & digital design as well as graphic and print design requirements contact Colin Stephenson, 072 601 0985.


How Do You Begin Selling Online?

You’ve got a product and now you’re ready to go to market — online. 

Before you begin setting up an online store, be sure to have these steps completed:

Do market research.

Finalize products to sell.

Identify your customer base — and segment your audiences.

Begin research on what ecommerce platform you’d like to sell on (like your own online store, take-a-lot, eBay, Facebook, and other sites customers commonly buy from).

Create high-quality product content (including product descriptions and imagery). Colin Stephenson Design and Photography can work on your brand image and product packaging design. Product photography and lifestyle photography are also essential to bring your product to market and key to the service Colin Stephenson offers. Website Design George Garden Route.

Create a strategy to market to your potential customers (so you can drive traffic to store).

Truth is, launching an ecommerce store is not a walk in the park. But, with the right tools and an organized pre- and post-launch plan, you’ll be on the right track toward success.

Colin Stephenson can guide you on how to build an online business set up for success.