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Branding / Graphic Design

In 2011 Colin Stephenson was appointed by International Slab Sales (ISS) as the advertising manager responsible for branding a new product. Colin Stephenson and his team started the process by extensive market research and studies of various different brand sectors and market related products. The new branding and corporate identity was born as a result of this research.

The Colin Stephenson design team developed a corporate image for Café Quartz starting with the logo and applied branding. The corporate identity related strongly to an affluent café culture. The logo for Café Quartz was illustrated in a striking stamp-like format that would easily be applied to any marketing material as well as embellish any of their products successfully. The look of the brand needed to be designed with a young, aspirant market in mind. A free flowing brush stroke logo was designed and became the elegant contained brand for Café Quartz. The simplicity of the CQ logo allows it to be used easily across all corporate printed brochures and corporate stationery as well as websites and online marketing materials.

Colin Stephenson designed the printed brochure as well as in store point of sale display graphics for the brochure display rack. Branded product and sample labels also show off the CQ logo and corporate branding which works well in mono tone and at a small scale.

Colin Stephenson was then appointed as the website design agency based in the Garden Route to design and develop the new Café Quartz website ( The main task of the website is to showcase a new range of product. 

As part of the product launch Colin Stephenson developed a compact website for Café Quartz with an overview of colour palettes and technical specifications on the product. Key product images were also commissioned and photographed by the Colin Stephenson photographers.

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