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BSM – brink stokes mhkize architects have worked closely with Colin Stephenson for 15 years on both corporate image ad branding projects and website design.

The latest version of the website is a custom design content management system driven website development.

Providing a slick look and feel driven by the architectural designs and project imagery to maximise visual impact. The clean, minimalist website design feel is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. The website design aims to bring the brand to life while showcasing their design work.

The Website development utilises latest user friendly online platform to allow the clients to manage the content of the website themselves.Adding new projects and articles is simplified and quick to manage.The website development structure can grow with the company as virtually any required can be development and simply plugged into the website.

The website development thus gives the client full control over their website content and to a large degree the ability to change the look of the site and focus the visitor on new designs and their latest design projects.

Website design and development

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